new blog site.

For some reason I totally got the itch to switch domain names.  Just need a fresh start and a new name.  I know it’s a pain for everyone’s google reader account and blogroll, but the emilyandfamily thing always kind of annoyed me.  So I’m finally fixing it:)  The new link and domain name is ::::::

I got the idea for the name from a family friend who referred to children as “little life changers”.  I guess that kind of stuck with me-thanks Drew:)  But I promise.  No more name switchies anymore.

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apples for dinner.

After living in Colorado for 7 years we finally found an apple orchard.  We left with 23 pounds of honey crisp apples and a hunch as to what Tucker’s favorite fruit is.  I hope the little orchard stays open forever because I’d love for it to be a yearly tradition.  

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lake superior.

We finally made it all the way up north-like practically to Canada and I’ve said it 100 times to Joel, but you guys…the north shore is beautiful.  It’s one of my favorite places in the U.S.  Everything is just so calm and the weather, perfectly cool.  
He loves his uncles.

Sweet nephew Jonah, the little boy who made us an aunt and uncle.  

I just love this big family photo-definately one of my favorites.

These pictures make me excited for Christmas.  We miss you all so much.  

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back to our roots.

Okoboji was actually just a pit stop before the big shindig with Joel’s family.  We stayed with Joel’s parents for a few days (near Minneapolis) before heading even further up north to Lake Superior.  It started out with a visit to our old stomping grounds.  Northwestern College.  Such sweet, sweet memories.  Something about being right where Joel & I fell in love, and then showing it to our boys, felt so full circle.  I loved it.  So here are a few pics just hanging out on campus.  Right in front of good old Nazareth Hall.  

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okoboji 2012

In a perfect world, we would get to take the boys to the okoboji Bible conference every August.  We do try.  Last year it didnt happen, so this year we made sure to be there.  It was everything I remembered it to be-which if you know me, you know that’s saying a lot!  I tend to build things up in my mind.  Not this though.  It might be a lake in the middle of Iowa, but the Bible conference, combined with the root beer floats and nutty bars always leave me excited to come back the next year.  
Grandma & grandpa even made it out on the lake.  I think that about says it all:)

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30 years

Joel’s birthday and his usual coconut cream pie request.


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way back when.





We spent the eve of America’s big day in Colorado, but drove to Omaha soon after.  Mostly to see Blake again, but partly to relax at the lake.  I think it was the most enjoyable trip we’ve taken with the boys, yet.  They were so content to just play in the water and sand-Joel and I hardly had to do anything :)


One of my favorite things.  Eating outside at the lake with lots of extended family.  It brought back so many memories and I’m so thankful for such amazing aunts and uncles.

Oh and the tablecloths…my Grandma always used tablecloths and I’ve come to appreciate that lately.  It used to always seem unnecessary to me, especially when eating outside, but I get it now.  And I’m glad she passed that on to her daughters and my mom.  Not sure who set the table, but it wouldn’t have been complete without the orange flowered table cloth :)corn stand, corn.  the real deal.

Tucker is saying, “oh jeff, be careful with me!!” with his arms out and all.  love that boy.A little mini Joel below.  No?And of course, time spent with the horses.

fun times.  but it’s good to be home.

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